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Rose Beds and Green houses ~ The roses are grown within the most modern Green houses available in the Market today, ideal for climate control and ventilation and importantly for rainwater harvesting. The soil and rose bed preparation is a catalyst for rose production. Our unique combination of volcanic clay, with pumice stone ensures root aeration and provides a perfect medium for all the essential nutrients to feed the roses, according to their needs, via a drip feed, so as not to waste water.

Rose growing ~ The high altitude and being a few miles off the equator ensures the ideal day and night temperatures, and plenty of warm sunlight hours.

The Roses ~ are constantly monitored by a specialist team for any possible disease and this is controlled under a strict Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme, and using as many natural remedies as possible. Any chemical product used on the farm conforms to the statutory European Union standards accreditation.

Harvesting ~ the crop is harvested twice a day in order to ensure that the rose bud is at its peak cut stage and is then immediately placed in special pre-cooled flower food before it is then stored in a cold room ready for entering the Grading Hall. The Grading hall is a hive of productivity, with each rose being individually sorted, graded and packaged ready for its refrigerated journey to Holland.

The Fresco Team in Aalsmeer receives the Roses whereupon another complete process begins. Once again the flowers are individually quality checked, rehydrated, sleeved, and all the necessary finishing touches ready for auction, sale and onward transit.

The Farm ~ The Cut Flowers are placed daily in both our own Vase Life Testing room as well as simultaneously being tested in the FRESCO FLOWERS Vase Life Testing room in Aalsmeer to ascertain how the flowers travelled, opened, disease spot checked and of course longevity in the vase.

This Final preparation is of paramount importance so that a satisfied customer will always wish to come back again and again.

The future ~ The farm has a dedicated 5000 sqm TRIAL HOUSE where new varieties from the Rose Breeders are constantly being screened under the Rift Valley Rose Farm conditions with a view of growing new and exciting varieties of Roses for the Market.